Amazon Sweden is on its way

Amazon Sweden will probably open its digital doors next year. The upcoming launch of a dedicated Amazon website in Sweden has now been officially announced. It would be the first time Amazon launches in a Nordic country.

For years, there were rumors Amazon would launch in Sweden. In October 2017, the CEO of comparison site Pricerunner even said the US ecommerce giant would launch in Sweden within the next twelve months.

Launch within the next twelve months

That didn’t happen though. But now we can say Amazon Sweden will launch within the next twelve months. The company has announced the start of preparations to launch in Sweden, which will be the first Nordic country where Amazon has a dedicated online store.

Dutch launch took six months

And if we take into account that Amazon officially announced the upcoming launch of its Dutch website in October 2019 and launching in March this year, it approximately takes Amazon about six months to launch a new local website.

Up until now, Swedish consumers had to use the other websites of Amazon in Europe for online shopping, even though this meant paying high delivery fees.

Swedish consumers had to use the other websites of Amazon in Europe for online shopping.

“We are optimistic that, by focusing on the things we believe customers will place the greatest emphasis on – low prices, a wide range and fast deliveries – we will eventually be able to win the trust of Swedish customers”, Alex Ootes, vice president for EU Expansion at Amazon, said.

Complete retail offering in Sweden

There is no word about Amazon opening warehouses or distribution hubs in Sweden, but Ootes did confirm that the next step would be to introduce a complete retail offering in the Northern European country.

We will eventually be able to win the trust of Swedish customers.



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